Dowsing and Pendulum

Overview of Dowsing.

Dowsing and pendulum.

The « Dowsing is a term created in 1920 by Fr French
Bouly father and derives from the Latin « radius » (radius) and the Greek « Aisthesis » (sensation).


The dowser is able to perceive, through a pendulum or a rod, vibration and pulse radiation from things, people, animals, land, house, photography etc…

Formerly called Dowsing, dowsing was used only for identification of sources of water or metals such as gold. We then realized that the radiation is also emitted by all forms of life.

Later we realized that this « resonance » between an inorganic material and spirit of the man had a valid extensible to all fields. The term « Dowsing » is defined as the study of waves and vibrations emitted by anybody.

Dowsing is the practice for the detection of waves and vibrations emitted by all bodies.

The main instruments that the « dowser » used for all types of research are: the crystal pendulum, quartz, wood or metal, and rods that serve as rhabdomanciennes help collect vibration and radiation from a body and any person.

The services rendered by Dowsing, are many.

Dowsing phenomena have indeed a physical explanation: all the things to be living in inorganic matter emit radiation, each on different wavelengths.
Thus Radiasthesy, through its Faculties dowsing, can capture these wavelengths or natural radiation to find the presence of what he is looking for example: disease, medicine, therapy or approach the most appropriate therapy for healing and holistic treatment, water, gold, lost items, any diagnosis of animals, land, vehicles, machinery etc..

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