Concluding and last advices.

Concluding and final advices.


We have now completed our 10 lessons and we’ll concluding.

If you have passed all previous experience, you’re a gifted dowser and in this case there is nothing more to learn.

If you have not always been successful, don’t despair the best, always make mistakes after that analysis, often explained.

I’m wrong again, as I am now 60 years old and I don’t know exactly how old I started, because then I did not know as I was with my father in him putting pebbles in his hand, and without understanding what I was doing.
I remember experiences where my father was moving with the forked stick, to some place, I could not take it so I turned in my hands.

For concluding, Do’s and Don’ts:

Don’t try too many experiments in a day; you will realize soon enough your limits.

If you are tired or sick, don’t dowse, you would have false answers.

Don’t gambling, dowsing is a gift of god given to us free, will benefit from it cause you to lose your donation.
I had a great dowser who overnight lost its power, wishing to find lotto numbers.

As for the song must be talented, but persevere and improve the work.
Often children do, and are talented, for the same work as their parents.

With dowsing, it is the same, with my paternal and maternal ancestors there were dowsers and yet I am alone, have continued.

Contrary to many activities, you can get started in dowsing without a grant untied.
All instruments are easy to make, don’t forget that this is ancestral occupation and at the time the workers were making their own tools.

You’ll have much more satisfaction in using tools made from your own hands rather than objects made in…

And believe me using your tools made with passion and love, they will return the favor in spades.