Dowser, you have the gift. Lesson 1

Dowser, have you the gift of dowsing?


Dowser, to make a pendulum: we can take a bag of sand (weight 20 to 70gr) hanged after a string of about 20cm in length.

Any other object can do the trick (my father was always very popular dowser used his pocket watch). We obtained excellent results with nuts or washers mechanical.

Take our pendulum by the string between thumb and forefinger of his right hand to about 10cm, making it down in a manner perpendicular to the top of your left hand without putting elbows on the table.
At this point we can begin to make contact with our subconscious by our energy permeates the pendulum begins to oscillate spontaneously after left and right, forward and backward, turn or pull down (you can apparent shortly after a feeling of being heavy or a light feeling of excitement in the palm of your right hand, which could cover the whole arm).
Gradually, as you progress you will feel more and more concentrated and when you are ready after a few minutes (times vary by individual and time) you can start making your first question.
When you use the pendulum you should not cross your legs or arms, throwing away early in necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets, buckles and all metal objects.

It is now time to ask your first question about whether your donations dowser.

For this question you are doing a personal code:

For the pendulum must answer YES it’s turn in the direction of clockwise.
NO answer for the pendulum must turn in the opposite direction of clockwise.
Soak up much of this code.

Now strap on the pendulum back and forth over your left hand by posing the following question: do I have donated dowser?
In case of no response or negative response tests redone at other times or other days, we all have hours and days when we are better able to create a vacuum in our head and be more receptive.