Telluric current indoors. Lesson 10

Find a telluric current in a house. Lesson 10

Telluric current

One of your friends may complain of poor sleep or be sick when at home. In most cases this is due to a bad telluric current in his house or apartment.

You must go to that person and ask him what room he is not feeling well.

If he’s asleep, it’s clear that evil is in his room.

Questions to find is there a telluric current:

1. Is there a telluric current in this room?
(Ask to have an overview of the room).

2. If the response is yes, start your pendulum swing and ask him to tell you where is this current, the pendulum should start to oscillate in this direction.
Walk slowly along your pendulum will begin to turn when you said the vertical current.

As the sources, telluric currents are composed of veins and their effects are most harmful to a crossroads.

Starting from this spot you can see a seam along the oscillation of your pendulum.

Ask if there are several veins and possibly redone the layout of new veins.

Very often when people are feeling the adverse effects, it’s because they are asleep their head is just above a crossing of veins.

To overcome this problem, simply change the bed space or room.

While you’re in the house, take the opportunity to check it entirely, and with residents to draw the necessary conclusions.

A telluric current (often negative) may consist of rock, water, oil, metals of any kind, electric cables, telephone …, pipes etc..

Telluric currents can have profoundly negative effects on people, animals, and plants.
Have you ever seen a green hedge of charcoal on one side and toast the other?