Personal code. Lesson 2

Personal code, Lesson 2.

Personal code.

Personal code must be established the first to get best answers to your questions.
For example: if the pendulum pulls down the response is positive, it oscillates from side to side or backwards and forwards the response will be negative …..
Or if it rotates in a clockwise direction shows the response will be positive in the opposite direction, so the answer is negative. You have various opportunities of choice; the pendulum can swing in different ways.

Now ask the pendulum the following question:
« SHOWS ME THE POSITIVE RESPONSE » (so your pendulum will begin to move slowly and tells you what rotation or oscillation to be the positive response to all your future issues).
Then: « Show me the negative response. »
And finally « INDICATES THE INVALID ANSWER (annotate everything on a sheet that you keep).

Once you’ve established your personal code for this pendulum, it is very important to keep them forever.

When you test any sentence, the pendulum may even give an uncertain answer, you’ll look and oscillating with difficulty, or not to respond by starting to oscillate in a way that you have not planned your personal codes.
In this case rephrase the question in another form, it is likely that today there is not sufficient parameters to give you a positive, negative or inconclusive to your question.