Pendulums their questions. Lesson 3

Pendulums how to formulate questions. Lesson 3


Pendulums, it’s necessary to know how to formulate questions to them, one can pose several kinds of questions for the same application and it is still important to follow some basic rules.

The answer depends largely on the wording of the question and clear and focused the attention of the dowser, then follow the following rules:

– Formulate the question with the greatest clarity possible, simply, briefly, directly, don’t ask « is it maybe that this decision will serve me? »
But rather « is it that this decision will serve me? »

– Never ask a double question, like « Tomorrow there will be sunny or cloudy? »
But « Is what tomorrow will be a sunny day? »

– Always put your questions in a positive way, for example: « Is that decision is fair? »
And not « this decision is not it a mistake? »

In your questions, avoid double negatives or « negative positive » (questions must always be clear and sharp).

– Never place any questions you already know the answer, you can make an exception only for practice, or the beginning of a session to check your level of credibility to that time.

– Never put questions out of curiosity, but only for a true and sincere interest.

– Never place the issues that may intentionally or unintentionally hurt or harm others.

– Never ask « why
« But rather formulate the question in such a way that the answer can only be » YES « or » NO « .

Don’t forget that a question asked precisely, it’s 70% of the work and response. The pendulums can answer only at the questions precisely formulated.

When you ask a question to your pendulums, it’s important not to be distracted or daydreaming starting to try to guess the answer. This is why you should always work in peace without noice.