Pendulum, the choice. Lesson 4

Pendulum, the choice. Lesson 4


If you arrived to this lesson, it is now time to invest in a pendulum.

This one will be personal, you will not lend to anyone, even under the guise of a short essay.

Five things are essential to make a good choice:
The shape, material, weight, color and length of the chain.
Don’t throw away your pendulum provisional! Because it will help you to choose your final.

To choose your future tool, go to the page below:

The form:
Using your temporary pendulum in your right hand and with your left index finger on the screen (or paper if you print this page of models).
Faced with a pendulum, ask the question: « The shape of this pendulum suitable for me? », then repeat until you find one that suits you best.

The matter:
Now ask the question about whether your pendulum must be wood, stone or metal.
If wood, choose: mango, exotic wood, ebony, maple, bocatas, cocobolo, oak, pine, fir, hazel (excellent for dowsing rods), birch, cherry, hazel, Purple Heart, Oak…
If rock, choose: rock crystal, crystal, amethyst, agate, aventurine, quartz, glass, pyrite, lava…
If metal, choose: copper, chrome, brass, metal, gold plated, silver, stainless steel…

The weight:
To determine the weight of your future pendulum, ask:
My pendulum must be done less than 20 grams?
My pendulum must be done more than 50 grams?
Based on previous answers, finalize by dividing the weight of 5 to 5 grams.

The matter of the cord:
Proceed as for the search form.
The material may be a cord in cotton, nylon hose cat, horse hair, hair…
Or a metal chain (often the same metal as the pendulum).

The cord length:
Take your pendulum by the string between thumb and forefinger to 2cm from the top of the pendulum, fingers forming a tunnel with the palm of your hand, through which the other end of the rope to go out and hang behind your ear.
Scroll down your pendulum carefully, asking him to answer YES, when the length is good (see photo above).
Now that you’ve determined your pendulum, you just have to make the purchase.

Perhaps you could find the ideal pendulum; you will probably have to compromise between the material weight and shape.
If you have a friend turner, you may make the ideal pendulum. You can also make you; a copper wire pendulum with a ball inside is very easy to do and while being a very nice effect is also very efficient (above photo).
The pendulum may be either hollow or contain a weighted sample of your research. The chain may also be a necklace or a recovery lace pair of glasses.

If you can’t find your pendulum right away, don’t despair and remember this:
A good dowser will get better results with a bolt and a string, than a neophyte with a solid gold pendulum.