Search with your pendulum. Lesson 5

Search with your pendulum. Lesson 5

Search with pendulum

To search with pendulum, you can submit questions of your own initiative.
But for the pendulum to answer you in a way absolutely possible, so you need to know what you ask.

– Another suggestion is to prepare for the beginning all the questions you ask the pendulum, by writing them in

sequence on a sheet of paper where you note the answers for your tests and research.

– After testing and before making another, remember to unload the pendulum by placing in contact with a magnet.

You can ask the pendulum any question about any matter concerning this, since all forms of energy developed by the dowser are « mind nature, »

It’s therefore possible to test and diagnostics include:
– Search for physical problems of any subject.
– Search engine mechanical problems whatsoever.
– Search for any installation problems (electrical, plumbing, heating etc.)…
– Look for objects, people, animals disappeared.
– Search food allergies on people or animals.
– Test any therapy for any type of therapeutic approach for people, plants, and animals.
– All geopats in homes, offices, workshops and land (earth current effects).
– Search for water wells, oil, minerals, depth of basement, quantities, and flow rates.
– Archaeological and historical.
– How to dispose and direct objects and furniture in homes, offices, a healthy environment vibrate, etc…
– Test the healthiest color to paint the walls of houses, offices, etc…
– Test the plants most suitable for gardens, houses, offices, all media in general.
– Test the best choice on any topic, talent, career guidance, education, the most appropriate home, sport, spiritual discipline etc…
– Test and plan the best geometric shapes to build a healthy home.

And finally, everything about your specific choices for the « present » in general, always considering the ethical depth and develops over time without some form of dependency in case you have previously achieved little success.

That the practice of dowsing can best assist you for a more harmonious life.