Lost object, how to find. Lesson 7

Find a lost object, Lesson 7.

Lost object

Research a lost object, inside a house.

To do this research, we have to immerse ourselves in the image of the lost object, or better yet, hold in our left hand a similar object or photography.

For research we have to create a vacuum in our head and especially not to influence the pendulum with our intuitions.

Some very experienced dowsers, and with faculties of clairvoyance, have flashes helping in their research, but we’re not there yet.

We’re going to get my « shows » gray.

1. Is my grey watch in the house?
2. If YES: Is my grey watch on ground floor?
3. If NO: Is my grey watch on the 1st floor?
4. If YES: Is my grey watch in this room?
5. If YES: Is my grey watch on the floor?
6. If NO: My grey watch is more than one meter in height?
7. If YES: In what direction is my grey watch?
8. Your pendulum should start to swing towards your grey watch.
9. Is my grey watch in this secretary?
10. If YES: Is my grey watch, left in the drawer?
11. If YES: Open the drawer.
12. Bravo! I just found a grey watch.

Always set a minimum of questions, because you will realize very quickly that the practice of dowsing is quite tiring.
If you ask too many questions you will distract you, you’ll even put you to daydream.
Your ability to weaken and answers become random.

Therefore in our questions, we started with a set (the house) then (upstairs) one (piece) a (height) a (direction) to finish in a cabinet at a specific location.

Imagine the number of questions that would have been if we had searched all the drawers, wardrobes dressing rooms etc…

In the drawer, you found a gray watch no value, then you are looking for your gold watch with a bracelet grey, simply because you have not been specific enough in your query and you have trouble viewing your watch.

Although this search is unsuccessful, you’ve made a big step.