Water source research. Lesson 8

Water source to find on land.

Water source research

To search for a water source on land, you though we soak up the image of water, or better yet, take your left hand in a jar containing water.

For this exercise you should get help from a non-refractory dowsing.

You must visit the land where you want to find a source.
Stand at one end of the field and ask the following questions:
1. Is there a water source « drinking » on this field? (Ask this question with an overview of the field).
2. This spring she a throughput greater than x liters per hour? (Select the flow according to your needs).
3. The depth of drilling should it be greater than x meters? (Choose the depth to suit your requirements).

If all of the above are positive, you can skip to the actual research.

Start your pendulum swing and ask him to tell you where to find the source, the pendulum should start to oscillate in this direction.
Walk slowly along your pendulum will begin to turn when you vertically from the source.

Now is your help into action.

You ask it you need to do deep drilling.
To do this, your help will put you slowly, one by a small pebble in his left hand.
Taking as the unit of one pebble is 1 meter.
When your pendulum answer YES, the number of pebbles in your hand you give in meters, the depth of drilling.

To find the flow, you must do exactly the same way, taking as the unit of a stone for 10 liters per hour (of course you can take another unit of measurement).

Now, plant a picket at the location of the source to be a landmark.

You can also ask whether in this field, there is no better source, or drinking water, flow or depth.

If the place does not suit you, you can continue your search. Don’t forget that water sources are composed of veins.

Starting with your post you can see a seam along the oscillation of your pendulum.
Ask them to tell you, when you’re on top of a cross between two or more veins (a cross is always better in quality and throughput, more if a vein were to dry up the other would take the relay).
Be careful though, if you look for drinking water, ask if all veins are qualified.

The experience of finding a source of water (drinking or not) is also valid for the rock, oil, any metal, electrical cables, telephone …, pipes etc…