Map Research. Lesson 9

Exploring map. Lesson 9


For this exercise we will find a person on a map (it could just as well be an object).

You have to sit at a table and you bring a photo of the person or if an object that belonged to him.

The person represented by the picture she is in France?
If YES please have a map of France.
If NO, get a word map.

You can download on the Internet that you print a map.
To do this research we use the method of triangulation (ditto for the direction finding for the detection of transmitters).

Let the card on the table in Le Havre (north) up; impregnate us well with the picture, the image of the person.

Now put our pendulum above Menton (South East), and turn it.

Ask our pendulum to tell us where the person.

The pendulum should start to oscillate toward the place where our vanished.

Trace a line on the map representing the path followed by the pendulum.

Redo the same thing now by placing the pendulum over Biarritz (South West).

Draw a new line on this new path of the pendulum.

The junction of our two lines indicates the location where our person.

If the person was not in France with the world map in the same way, we would have found the country and then, of course he had to make a map of this country.

Now consider a map of the region represented by the junction, and then renew the triangulation.

In this way by taking maps with a scale of increasingly weak, we can find a very precise location.

You can you use the Internet (Google Maps, Mappy, etc ….).

Now do a check by asking if the person is found at the site.

You may ask:
Is the person alive? He’s dead? He’s injured? He’s move? He’s buried, how deep? Etc…
(These issues are also very important).

Such research is used by dowsers.

Do you ever wonder how the police can find in the forest of Sologne, missing person in Marseille.