Models pendulums to dowser.

A choice of models pendulums

Models Pendulums

On the photo below you will find many models Pendulums which may allow you to make your choice, according to the following criteria:
The form, the substance, the weight, the color, the length of the chain.
The choice of the form is often in a first time a history of feelings
The material will be more oriented toward the type of research in which you are recording weddings.
Your pendulum can be wood (mango, exotic wood, ebony, rable  Bocate, Cocobolo, oak, pine, and fir, almond-tree (excellent for the baguettes of diviner), cherry, cherry, walnut, Purple Heart, Beech etc. ).
It may be in roche (rock crystal, crystal, amethyst, agate, l’Aventurine, quartz, glass, pyrite, lava stone etc. ).
It can be metal (copper, chrome, brass, metal, gold plated, silver, stainless steel etc. ).

The cord:
This can be a cord in cotton, nylon, gut of chat, horsehair, dryer …
Or a metal chain (often the same metal that the pendulum).

It is difficult to find the ideal pendulum, you may be forced to make a choice between matter the weight and shape.

By contrast it is very easy to make a pendulum which you either own. This table is done for you y help.
A dervish can you prepare quickly your pendulum ideal. You can also you the manufacture; a pendulum in copper wire with a ball to the inside is very easy to make, while being the most beautiful effect and remaining also very efficient.

The pendulum can be hollow is to be ballasted or to contain a sample of your research. The pendulum hollow to the advantage of being able to be ballasted depending on the type of work.

The chain can also be a clip of recovery, a yaw or a link of a pair of glasses.

If you do not find any of following your pendulum ideal, don’t despair, but be aware that a good radiesthesiste will get better result with a bolt and a twine, that a neophyte with pendulum in solid-gold.

Models pendulums